What is studio furniture?

Studio furniture is a specialized niche of the furniture-custom cabinet market. Pieces made are one-of-a-kind, or limited edition, and are built in smaller scale shops with few or no employees. Evidence of the makers mark is present not only in style, but also in workmanship. Studio furniture is difficult to mass produce due to the high level of detail and attention, necessary in creating the work by hand.

Is TWS furniture free of toxins?

Toxic free materials and building practices are used as often as possible. MDF (pressed board) typically contains arsenic and formaldehyde, and can off gas for up to 5 years. Therefor it is not used in any projects. Non-toxic, white glue is used for construction, while shellac, plant based oils, and bees wax, are primarily used for finishes. By using hand tools to accomplish a majority of the work and employing a strict waste management policy, a smaller foot print is created in all steps from design to completion.

How do custom orders work?

First, a complimentary consultation will be held, either by phone or in person where stories, inspirations, values, needs, and budget are discussed. The consultation will then be reflected on while inspiring sketches are created. A look at the sketches and a smoothed out design will then take place and a $100 design fee will be required at this time- which goes toward the cost of your project. Then, a few days are devoted to creating mock-ups, sourcing possible materials, working out the project cost, and estimating a time for completion.

Once the consumer has signed off on the final design, work will begin and 50% of the total project cost is required in advance. During the actual building of the piece/project, scheduled meetings at the studio can be arranged and are encouraged! If this is not possible, emailed images of the work in progress can be provided. Thank you, TWS looks forward to discussing how to make a unique piece of furniture, cabinets, or interior design projects just for you!