Custom Heirloom Furniture

True heirloom furniture can only be obtained from a custom furniture maker. Created by careful attention to detail including design, wood selection, construction techniques, and finishes used. Each step is a carefully thought out process, which creates a unique piece of furniture.

While the ability to create beautiful, high-quality, custom-made furniture seems to have become a lost art, at TWS this art is thriving. Designed to last for generations, my heirloom collection is primarily constructed using locally purchased wood, with a focus on sustainability.

Adding intricate detail to functional pieces is what makes these hand sculpted works so unique. Craftsmanship and rugged durability can be found in each and every piece. TWS combines heirloom woodworking skills with advanced modern furniture-making techniques.

From media centers to chests and drawers, anything and everything is possible with Terroir Wood Studio. TWS custom pieces are fabricated from hand selected domestic and exotic woods chosen for grain, color and figure.